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Featured national award winning Storyteller, singer and song writer, Bob Patterson of St. Augustine, Florida, inspired laughter from children and adults alike with his legendary tales brilliantly woven with his extraordinary knowledge of Florida environment and heritage. Visit Bob's website at

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Tellabration“On November 19, I attended the 3rd Annual Tellabration event at O’Toole’s Herb Farm which was hosted by Wanda Violet.  By way of understatement, what an amazing day.

The youth story tellers, ranging from 4th grade to 8th, we’re articulate, animated, funny and just great story tellers. In today’s world, where so many potentially negative options are available to our youth, it was very gratifying to see them participate in, and enjoy, this very positive experience.  Seeing them have fun with the storytelling and revel in the applause they received was truly a gift. Kudos to each of them.

The adult story tellers were phenomenal!  Some of the stories were funny, (fall off the chair laughing funny).  Some stories were very moving, some informative, and several were inspirational.  All the storytellers were extraordinary!  So much so that many of us hated for the program to end.

If you like to hear stories and be entertained, it would be worthwhile for you to pencil in this event in for next year. You won’t regret it, nor be disappointed.

I left there feeling invigorated, inspired, happy and very appreciative that the Tellabration event was presented in Madison.  I wasn’t alone in these feelings.

Thank you Wanda for all your hard work in making this possible for us Madisonites and thank you ‘B’ for allowing this venue to occur on your most beautiful property.

I look forward and to next year’s event.”

-Renee Duval