Producer’s Note #20 Hang On To Your Hats! We are in the final three weeks of preparation for the 6th Annual Story Festival. Things are looking up as: • more and more people are hearing about the festival, • more folks are contacting us for details, • advertisements are reaching new potential listeners, • students are practicing their stories, • the Friday night competitors are working on their stories, • the stage and chairs have been ordered, • civic groups are letting us join their meetings and invite folks, and • much more! Whew! By all appearances, this really will be one for the recordRead More →

Producer’s Note #19 A Little Help From Our Friends Do you remember the Fred Flintstone’s cartoon? It was a staple when I was growing up, and I loved it. One of my favorite images was when the job-site whistle would blow, Fred would get off work, jump in his car, and start his feet furiously running to propel that stone-aged car onto the road for home. Well, that is what Jim and I already feel like over here in Madison. The 6th annual festival is coming at us so quickly now, and are we excited! With our new location being in the expansive Madison CountyRead More →

Producer’s Note #18 Madison County’s 6th Annual Storytelling Festival Save the Dates! November 15-16, 2019 Let’s get this party – storytelling festival – started by reminding you to save the dates. The dates are important: This is the first year that we are not holding the event on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. For five years we have stayed true to that tradition, but this year we are easing back one weekend. Many potential listeners and tellers couldn’t make it to that weekend, so we listened. That’s why can mark your calendars for Friday and Saturday, November 15-16, 2019. Notice that it is not “Save theRead More →