Our Featured Tellers


Robyn A. RennickRobyn A. Rennick

From Port St. Joe, Florida, Robyn Rennick is an alumnus of our very first Tellabration!TM . We are happy that she will join us for our 5th Annual celebration of story. Robyn has been “telling stories” all her life, but she didn’t experience the true art of storytelling until the 1990’s.  “I just love telling stories of all kinds – from humorous “Family Tales, Neighborhood Gossip and Pure Fabrications” to accounts of spirits from beyond touching this world to “The Gospel According to the Southern Woman.” Robyn spins tales that can make you laugh, cause you to cry, or just stop and think of the thin veil that separates this life from the spirit life.



Linda Schuyler FordLinda Schuyler Ford

While her current address is Tallahassee, Schuyler grew up in the Hudson Valley, immersed in the enchanted legends of her Dutch and German ancestors.  Storytelling has always been a part of her life. With her approach to stories as magic carpets that whisk us to worlds where the imagination runs free, Schuyler’s stories will embrace you and take you where you have never been, and sometimes exactly where you need to go.

Madison County Florida Storytelling was honored to have her tell stories on its first stage in 2014, and is pleased that she will join us again in this 5th Anniversary celebration of story.