Finishing Up the 3rd – Getting Ready for the 4th and More

It has been a while since our 3rd Annual Tellabration!TM. Too long, in fact, but the holidays and a new year and a new agenda ahead of you have a way of slowing down your recapping and recalling.

But we are remembering what a fantastic 3rd Annual Tellabration!TM we had here in Madison, Florida. Our featured teller, Bob Patterson, from St. Augustine, won the hearts of all the listeners and had more than a few toes tapping with his stories and music. What a thrill to have him with us!

We were all amazed at the stories of our youth tellers. When you consider that we have invited a number of adults to tell a story who regretfully decline because they can’t stand up in front of a crowd and speak, you understand how brilliantly brave and talented our young people are. This year we will be expanding our youth telling program to include more of our county’s talented young people.

Our return tellers, Holly Bebernitz and Pat Nease, were, again, fantastic! Holly told a wonderful story about the discovery of her grandfather’s story that took place on Jacksonville Beach and ended up being saved in the United States Library of Congress.  What a story!

Pat’s wonderfully complex tale of misadventure of one hunter had everyone hanging on to their seats in laughter.

Two big stars of our telling celebration were two Madison tellers, Beth Moore and Joe Boyles. Beth told a story of the earth from her father’s farm. We will never look at Dixie cups again without thinking of Beth, and Joe’s telling of the story of Madison County’s son, Colin Kelly, brought the listeners to their feet.

So many times in our lives, we have missed an event and had folks say to us, “You should have been there.” We might wonder if we really did miss anything all that special. Friends, this event was by far one for the record books.

Really, you should have been there.

Wait a minute, there’s always next year! Mark your calendars now for the Saturday before Thanksgiving, November 18, 2017, for the 4th Annual Madison County Florida Storytelling Tellabration!TM

P.S. Stay tuned because we will be announcing a spring workshop for all the folks who would like to polish their own stories and learn some tips for telling.

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