Producer’s Note #13

Pinetta Elementary in Madison, Florida

Schools are on Board!

When Jim and I started this endeavor, we laid out three objectives:

  1. To promote the art and tradition of storytelling here in Madison County.
  2. To do something good for our community that would bring not only more positive attention to it, but also would be an opportunity for economic growth.
  3. To provide an opportunity for the youth of this area to create stories and tell them on a stage, giving them a chance for experience in public communication.

Well, we can guarantee you that the art and tradition of storytelling will be carried on here in Madison County by some amazing Youth Tellers from our area schools. We are so thrilled that more schools than ever have signed on to let their students participate in our 4th Annual Tellabration!TM at O’Toole’s Herb Farm. Our local Homeschool Cooperative is promoting this among their students, too.

How can this not be a win-win for these students? They will practice creating and developing a story with all the necessary components, and some of them will then participate in one of the oldest traditions of mankind – storytelling.

Thinking of storytelling and how it took place in by-gone years, communities and families would build a fire and gather around to hear their stories. But there will be too many of us for that to be practical. So, instead, join us under the big tent, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, where the students will stand on a stage (with a wonderful line-up of adult tellers) and take us to lands faraway or talk of memories close to their hearts, with their stories.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing from you. Last year was awesome. Thanks for what you are doing.
    Gigi & Bob Auston

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