Producer’s Note #14

September 20, 2017

We Broke a Record!

We are so thrilled to announce that more schools and school groups than ever before have signed up to join us this year. See if your school is on the list:

Pinetta Elementary School

Lee Elementary School

Greenville Elementary

Madison County Central School

James Madison Preparatory School

Madison Academy of the Arts

Madison County High School

Homeschoolers of Madison County


All of these schools and teachers see the value in storytelling for their students and will be helping them submit stories to our committee. We will be selecting our tellers from those submissions. We are so grateful that our schools, teachers, administrators, and parents are on board to help us provide this event to our students.

You will get to hear them tell their stories all throughout the day at one of the FIVE story-concerts on O’Toole Herb Farm, Saturday, November 18! See our website to purchase your tickets early!

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