Producers Note #15

The Excitement is Building and the Clock is Counting Down!

 So much has been happening that we have haven’t caught our breath long enough to keep you updated. Let’s do a quick bullet-point recap. Here we go.

  • Our featured teller from South Carolina, John Thomas Fowler, is making his plans to be here and has let us know that he can’t wait to meet the friendly folks of Madison County! While here, he will be telling in two of our local schools on the next Monday!
  • We have SIX schools participating on our stage.
  • Get ready to be impressed, because ELEVEN, yes, ELEVEN student tellers have been working hard to tell you their original stories. Their smiles, their practice, and their anticipation are so invigorating. Come and support them!
  • We have received calls and emails from Atlanta and Tallahassee and a few other places in the Southeast from people telling us they are planning to join us this year. This is great!
  • We are getting a number of calls from folks asking general questions. Good sign! Call us if you are needing more info. But read below for some answers that may help you plan.

    • Yes, we have chairs. Bring a tush-cushion if you want. It is in a big circus tent on the O’Toole Herb Farm.
    • Her farm is ¼ mile up Rocky Ford Road – in the city limits of Madison. We will have signs helping you find it.
    • You can come and go as you like. Stay for the whole event or leave to run an errand if you must. But you will want to hurry back!
    • Yes, we will have food. The Madison Church of God Youth Group will be serving hotdogs, hamburgers, and drinks for donations that will go to their youth projects.
    • Storytelling concerts will start each hour, and we will give short breaks between each one so you can stretch your legs, use our facilities, and grab something to eat.
    • If you have any other questions, please email or call. 850.973.8813 or



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