Producer’s Note #18

Producer’s Note #18

Madison County’s 6th Annual Storytelling Festival

Save the Dates!

November 15-16, 2019

Let’s get this party – storytelling festival – started by reminding you to save the dates. The dates are important:

This is the first year that we are not holding the event on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. For five years we have stayed true to that tradition, but this year we are easing back one weekend. Many potential listeners and tellers couldn’t make it to that weekend, so we listened. That’s why can mark your calendars for Friday and Saturday, November 15-16, 2019.

Notice that it is not “Save the Date” but rather, “Save the Dates.” This is the first year we will have two days for stories. We are so excited to announce that the night before the festival, we will have a story slam (contest). The producers are hinting that there will be very nice cash prizes that three winners may take home with them. Additionally, on that night while the judges confer, our special guest, Michael Reno Harrell will provide us with a mini-concert. This is going to be so much fun.

Then, of course, the next day (Saturday the 16th) will be our all-day festival featuring Michael Reno Harrell, regional tellers Nancy Case, Susan Broland, and Holly Bebernitz. We will have a full day of stories from local tellers and student tellers. You won’t want to miss even one of the exciting tales.

Oh, and yes, on Saturday the 16th, we will still have our crowd-favorite event at noon – the Open Stage. Folks can put their names in a hat, and if their name is drawn, they will have five minutes to tell their family-friendly, no-politics story. At the end of five minutes we will politely applaud them off the stage. No judging, no critiquing, just fun.

Stay in touch with us to get all the updates. Meanwhile, go ahead and SAVE THE DATES because, boy oh boy, do we have some stories to tell you!

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  1. From Sanford, FL. You folks are definitely going on my calendar!

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