Producer’s Note #19

Producer’s Note #19

A Little Help From Our Friends

Do you remember the Fred Flintstone’s cartoon? It was a staple when I was growing up, and I loved it. One of my favorite images was when the job-site whistle would blow, Fred would get off work, jump in his car, and start his feet furiously running to propel that stone-aged car onto the road for home.

Well, that is what Jim and I already feel like over here in Madison. The 6th annual festival is coming at us so quickly now, and are we excited! With our new location being in the expansive Madison County Agricultural Complex (behind O’Neal’s restaurant on Highway 90), we have many new things to consider: staging, sound, set-up, signage, and much more. We are trying to think of everything we can to make this 6th annual festival the best it can be.

Today I received a call from a lady in Quitman, Georgia. She had picked up one of our rack-cards at Ina Thompson’s Mail Room store and wanted more information. She was wondering if this would be a good event for her eight-year-old grand-daughter. I was so happy to assure her that this family-friendly event is good for all ages. In fact, we always say – “For ages 8 to 108.” She is hoping to make it, and I know that just like so many others, she will be surprised at what a good time she and her grand-daughter will have and will want to come back every year.

So, thanks to Ina, we might have some guests from Quitman. What about you? Could you help us get the word out? What about at your church or your place of work or your neighbors? If you will let us know, we will bring you some flyers or rack cards to pass out for us. Word-of-mouth is a powerful way to build our attendance, so please help us fill the seats. Then join us and be part of hundreds of people coming together and finding fun and community through story.

Call us 850.973.8813 for more information.

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