Meet the Competitors!

November 15th, at 7:00 PM Madison County Florida Storytelling will be hosting a Story Slam. That’s right! We have asked some of the very best storytellers in Florida to meet up on our Agricultural Center’s stage and give us their best story. Think of it as a Story Smackdown!

While a panel of five judges confer to pick the winners, the listeners will hear a concert by singer-songwriter-storyteller Michael Reno Harrell.

This stellar line-up of tellers will include:

Pat Nease: Veteran of our stage and three-time Florida Champion Liar, Pat is a dynamic teller with awards/accomplishments that include too many to list. She’s fabulous!

Robin Schulte: Winner of the 2014 National Storytelling Festival Story Slam, Robin has been a featured performer on many stages across the country. Get ready, because her graceful style and elegant delivery will catch you off-guard and wow you.

Lynda Schuyler Ford: A beloved two-time veteran of our stage, Linda has a diverse repertoire of stories about nature, of women, of history that will keep you spellbound. Her artistry will amaze you, and you will want her to tell you more.

Cheryl Floyd: With her early traditions steeped in Cajun Louisiana roots, this Southern girl naturally fell in love with story and the lyrical power of language. Her decades of story devotion and development will be sure to shine on the stage in a way you will never forget.

Joe Boyles: A graduate of the US Air Force Academy, Joe served as a combat pilot in Vietnam. He has told on our stage for the last three years and is the only teller ever to have the audience rise to a standing ovation when he told the story of America’s and Madison County’s first true hero of World War II, Colin Kelly.

Robyn Rennick: Known for her family tales, neighborhood gossip, and pure fabrications, Robyn has been telling tales since she could talk. She also tells stories about “Biblical” Southern women and stories of WWII veterans. Her downhome charm will work its magic on you for sure!

Oh, and you, the listeners, will pick the winner of The People’s Choice award! Tickets can be bought in advance at The Country Store in Downtown Madison, here online, or from Jim Glaser or Wanda Violet. Call 850.973.8813 for more information.

Join us!